Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The View From Here

The Moose will be guesting, at some point in the future, on the literary online magazine The View From Here. www.viewfromheremagazine.com Stephen Clayton will also be doing an interview, talking about his book, The art of being dead and his previous life as a 'rock and roll god,' not my words but those of Julian Cope. If the Moose manages to escape the ravages of the swine flu pandemic that is sweeping 10 Downing street , I will be speaking at an event at Hebden Bridge library this Friday 8th May about Independent publishing. Steve will be talking about being published by an independent publisher, there will also be an author discussing her experience of being published by a mainstream publisher and a writer who is self published. It should be interesting. So,busy, busy. Off to the station now, as Heth, my wife, is off to the capital with work. Lots of meetings and superior Lattes. Supposedly. So I'm looking after my two teenage boys this week. We will be fine. I think. If not, I will be asking for online advice. All parents out there, be ready, I may need your help. Off to Manchester to see how the redundancies have affected friends at Waterstones. The new political mantra from Wats HQ is Hubbanomics. Nothing to do with that Tom Cruise chappy, you know the one, jumps up and down on couches and is believed to a third rate Thetan, the Sleb Scientologist, and everything to do with the new HUB that is being unveiled in Burton on Trent to cure all Wats distribution and selling ills. I will be going along with tea and buns but am not sure that will be enough. Tragic.

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