Sunday, 10 May 2009

Nasty authors

Bluemoose had its first hostile email on Friday from a disgruntled author. The lady in question had sent in a submission of her work and asked if I wanted to see the full Mss. After reading the synopsis and first three chapters I didn't think it was for us, and politely emailed back and declined the offer of reading more. Towit all hell let lose and an invective not seen since the 'Derek and Clive,' tapes ensued. After she had vented several spleens, I emailed again and said that perhaps this wasn't the best way of getting her worked looked at and published. Hostility is not a great bargaining chip. She strained her creative sinew and replied that,' Bluemoose should just carry on publishing books by the likes of Jade Goody.' I didn't reply. I have better things to do, like the washing. Here is the issue. If you believe that your work is good enough to be published, don't be surprised that their maybe some people out there who don't like it. Show some humility. Listen to advice and move on. If you just want to rant, Blog. I do. But don't send nasty emails because if you do, the email Divils from this part of the world will scurry down the Ley lines and give you the worst tooth ache ever. And that's a promise. So think on.

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