Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Family Ross

Now, Jonathan Ross is having a book club on his Twitter site. His namesake and relation Amanda Ross is the person behind The Richard and Judy Book Club.Their book club is in abeyance as it were, with the R&J programme ending in a couple of weeks. It is good that Mr Ross is getting behind books with his Wossybookclub, but I do have problems accessing all this techhy stuff. But, if it gets more people reading books, it is a good thing.Yesterday I had problems accessing the internet. My ISP said they were having'interface software issues.' Well, knock me down with a widget.' What they meant to say was they hadn't paid their electricity bill. Now that we are all welded to the internet, when it goes wrong, you can't access anything, the world stops. I was even reduced to using the telephone. How Neandhethal. I called the ISP people and they said 'had I tried to solve the issue by going to www........, Why would I be contacting them by phone if I could access the web? As someone who knows nothing about technical things, talking to techhies is an unpleasant experience. I was eventually passed on to a locquacious Irishman called Liam, who mopped my fevered brow and held my hand as the issue was finally resolved. However, I am changing my broadband provider. And hopefully the problems will stop. I can only hope and pray. Going to lie down with a good book. It's the best therapy I know when encountering the cyber world.

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