Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Big Green Weekend

Stephen Clayton, author of The art of being dead is giving an interview to the online literary magazine, The View from here. Steve will be talking about his writing, his musical career with Tractor, signing up with John Peel's Dandelion record label and other such things. You can read his interview at . If you are in The Pulse Belt, Hebden Bridge next Tuesday 26th May, Steve will be reading and answering questions at Organic Cafe about his book. Hebden Bridge will be hosting The Big Green Weekend over the next five days. There will be all manner of Green things to do, like walking and talking and stuff that doesn't cost a bean. Men and women will appear from the ether, out of hats and buskers will entertain themselves with all manner of Mimicry. There will be hundreds of Unicycles. Many, many unicycles. The A&E department will be chocker come Sunday with battered and bruised amateur unicyclists. Gravity and endeavour on a single wheel can be calamitous, and often is. It will be very jolly and The Ley Lines will be open form 5.00am in the morning, so transport to and from the town will not be an issue. The local MP, Chris Mccafferty, who refuses to publish her expenses until July, might not be there. She will be busy with her rubber and Tippex. Recycling receipts. It's a green win, win situation.

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