Friday, 13 March 2009

Barack's package

As the Literary Editors in Londinium refuse to acknowledge that some great books are being published by independent publishers, the Moose has decided to hire the help of the most powerful man on earth. No it's not Tony Blair, or even the Pope, or perhaps they are now the same person, it is Barack Obama. A package is wending its way across the pond to Pennsylvania Avenue and it will be a hardback copy, very rare indeed now, of The art of being dead by Stephen Clayton. Do not be surprised to see the saviour of the universe holdong this copy when he descends the steps of Airforce One as he attneds the G20 summitt in Britain next month. The answer to the universe is not 42, it's TAOBD. There. When BO says all the right things, all you lit eds will have egg on your faces. You wait and see. The Moose will not be wearing a red nose today. For purely aesthetic reasons, his nose will be blue. I thank you.

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